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Early recovery is HARD. Long-term recovery requires constant vigilance and daily self-awareness. Abstinence and treatment are the beginning of the journey. 

The first year of recovery is such a blur. There are so many things you are not told or taught in treatment. Being let loose with the basics will not help you when you reach boiling point and you simply can’t think for yourself.

A sober coach is not a therapist or a doctor. A sober coach is someone who works with you as you make life decisions and practice coping skills as you go through recovery.

A sober coach will encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, and be there for you when things get uncomfortable and you need support.

You are in charge of your recovery. You have to practice new behaviors in order to make lasting change.

A sober coach will:

  • Work with you to explore your substance use and the effects it has on your life.
  • Help you recognize patterns of behavior that can harm your recovery.
  • Help you develop a relationship with your support group within family, friends, significant others and community.
  • Help you prioritize tasks and set reachable goals.
  • Help you develop a schedule and routine that emphasizes recovery.
  • Help you work through thoughts, feelings and emotions that are keeping you stuck.
  • Help you develop a relapse prevention plan.
  • Help you be accountable for your actions.

Learning to identify high-risk situations, the feelings, emotions and actions that will take you out is a foundation. Having trusted support, people and places to go to when you feel like you’re losing your mind, and present you with a reality check when you need it.

Honesty is a necessary part of recovery, but it can be brutal. Your behavior will sing wildly for quite some time. Here, we hope to help you reorder your thoughts.

With 15+ years in recovery circles, a degree in Multicultural Counseling and a BA in Addictive Disorders, I have found gaping holes in the information provided prior to and in treatment, I want to help those who have concerns about themselves or loved ones.


I would love to discuss how I can help you or your loved one. Recovery is a long journey that only begins when the drink, drug, behavior, or situation is stopped.

In early recovery you need extra help and support as you navigate life without masking feelings and emotions.

Demystifying the treatment and recovery process and breaking it down into manageable tasks and exercises begins the healing process.

Relapse is a constant threat early in recovery. Learning the signs and symptoms, coping skills, new behaviors and best way to deal with cravings and urges cannot be done alone.

Set up individualized services and support that works best for you. Skype, phone, email, text and online support is available. Contact me today to get started.